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Let 7blueprints know about your website and any specific requirements (such as e-commerce, 3rd party integrations and any apps that run on your site if applicable).

Tune Up

7blueprints will carry out a full optimisation plan for your website, including testing to figure out the best performance variables that work with your unique configuration.


7blueprints aims to get you in the top 20% of FASTEST WEBSITES ON THE PLANET. Speed is paramount to user experience (says Google).

7blueprints will implement an optimal speed and performance plan for your WordPress website. This means getting the most out of your existing setup. Cheap hosting, a poorly-coded theme and bandwidth-hogging plugins will impose limitations and bottlenecks on your overall performance. Aside from your hosting, 7blueprints cannot change or recode your theme or plugins, but can almost always suggest replacements. This service is unlikely to get a poorly configured theme on a cheap hosting package into the top 5% of fastest loading websites in the world. On the other hand, this service is designed to get the most out of what you have in place and provide a huge performance boost to your website. In most cases, 7blueprints can get a website into the top 20% of fastest websites (metrics provided).

WordPress Ultimate Performance Tune-Up

£399 One time purchase
  • ✓ FRONT-END OPTIMISATION: Core Optimisation
  • ✓ Core Optimisation: Advanced Caching
  • ✓ Core Optimisation: Image Optimisation
  • ✓ Core Optimisation: Compression
  • ✓ Core Optimisation: HTML, JS & CSS minification & concatination
  • ✓ Core Optimisation: configuration performance testing
  • ✓ FRONT-END OPTIMISATION: Edge Optimisation
  • ✓ Edge Optimisation: Distributed Global Network setup
  • ✓ Edge Optimisation: HTTP/2 + SPDY: website acceleration with new protocol implementation
  • ✓ BACK-END OPTIMISATION: script blocking & cleanup
  • ✓ Back-end Optimisation: WordPress script blocking
  • ✓ Back-end Optimisation: database cleanup & optimisation
  • ✓ Back-end Optimisation: database cleanup & optimisation
  • ✓ Full done-for-you setup and full report.

   source: GTmetrix


Package Deal

WordPress Ultimate Performance Tune-Up + Security Lockdown + Hack Insurance

£948 £599 One time purchase*
  • * Hack Insurance can be renewed after 12 months (£150)
  • ✓ £349 saving
  • ✓ WordPress Ultimate Performance Tune-Up
  • ✓ WordPress Security Lockdown
  • ✓ 12 months of Hack Insurance (worth £150)
  • ✓ Full done-for-you setup and full report.

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