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Let 7blueprints know about your website and any specific requirements (such as e-commerce, 3rd party integrations and any apps that run on your site if applicable).


7blueprints offers business-grade cloud hosting with SSL security and PCI compliance included. Alternatively, there is budget hosting on a standard shared server for low budgets.


From malware scanning to full lockdown, 7blueprints has you covered. Hack insurance gets you out of trouble should the worst happen. Don't leave it to chance. Ever.

7blueprints is a trusted partner of industry-leading Online Security solutions, bringing you solid services to protect your website and your business reputation.


The minimum security 7blueprints recommends is having a malware scanning and removal service in place. This does not include hack insurance (see below).

Scan & Fix Service (SiteLock)

£99 Per year
27p per day
  • * SiteLock protects over 6 million websites
  • ✓ Automated Malware detection system
  • ✓ Daily scan for spam and malware
  • ✓ Reputation monitoring
  • ✓ Spam & black list monitoring
  • ✓ Verifiable trust seal
  • ✓ Automatic malware removal
  • ✗ Advanced vulnerability scans
  • ✗ Does not include hack protection / insurance


Industry-leading security solutions to protect your website and online reputation. Hack insurance for the ultimate piece of mind.

Website Security LockDown

£399 One time purchase
  • ✓ Setup on a Distributed Global Network
  • ✓ DNSSEC Protection: an extra layer of security to your DNS to prevent hackers from spoofing your DNS
  • ✓ Browser Integrity Check: evaluate HTTP headers from your visitors browser for threats. If a threat is found a block page will be delivered.
  • ✓ HTTP/2 + SPDY: website acceleration with new protocol implementation
  • ✓ IP Geolocation: block specific countries from accessing your website
  • ✓ Email Address Obfuscation: prevent bots and spam harvesters from scraping and targetting email address off your web pages
  • ✓ Server-side Excludes: automatically hides specific content such as contact information from suspicious visitors.
  • ✓ Hotlink Protection: protect your images from off-site linking.
  • ✓ Full done-for-you setup and full report.

Includes SiteLock Scan & Fix

Hack Insurance Service

£150 Per year*
  • * Requires the Website Security LockDown Setup in Place
  • ✓ Free SSL provision and setup
  • ✓ Includes Sitelock Find and Fix service
  • ✓ Includes malware / virus removal
  • ✓ Includes hack insurance: if your website gets hacked, 7blueprints deals with it
  • ✓ Includes malware removal and website restoration in the event of hacking
  • ✓ Includes dealing with blacklisting services to whitelist your domain in the event of hacking
  • ✓ Includes dealing with Google to whitelist your domain in the event of hacking


Security LockDown + Hack Insurance

£499 One time purchase
then £150 year renewal
  • ✓ Website Security Lockdown
  • ✓ Sitelock Scan and Fix Service
  • ✓ 12 month Hack insurance protection

What is the Website Security LockDown Service?

The LockDown service is a done-for-you full implementation of industry-leading measures to protect your WordPress website that includes geo-ip blocking and a Global Distribution Network. One of the key benefits of implementing some of these measures is the performance boost your Website benefits from as a result of the CDN.

A full report is provided for each implementation explaining the security measures implemented in detail.

This is a one-time setup.

Hack Insurance: when you purchase the Hack Insurance plan, you're benefiting from the one-time LockDown setup + SiteLocks detect and remove service, plus 7blueprints promise to fix and resolve a successful hack on your website should the worst happen. Resolving this situation means cleaning up the website as well as initiating dialogue with all the blacklist providers to get your domain removed from their blacklists.

What does this website use?

7blueprints is protected by the following:

✓ Cloud Hosting

✓ SSL Encryption

✓ Security Lockdown

✓ Hack Insurance (SiteLock Scan & Fix Service + Security LockDown)



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