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- Website hack/infection Recovery Service -

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Contact 7blueprints immediately and provide a link to your website as well as any information that may be helpful. Mention any apps or software that your website runs.

Clean Up

7blueprints will provide you with a competitive quote to clean up the mess. There are no guarantees however and you are advised to have a restorable backup of your site.


7blueprints will work diligently to resolve the many issues that arise from a security breach, including removing your domain from blacklist services (McAfee, Norton, Google etc)

7blueprints is a trusted partner of industry-leading Online Security solutions, bringing you solid services to protect your website and your business reputation.

Hack Recovery

from £499 One time purchase
  • ✓ Full analysis of the breached website
  • ✓ Comprehensive report of all infected files
  • ✓ Removal of known malicious code
  • ✓ Security lockdown
  • ✓ 7 Day monitoring for backdoor activity
  • ✓ Blacklist discovery (checking who's blacklisting the domain)
  • ✓ Removal request submissions to the various blacklist services, including working with them to remove the blocks



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